First Post: New Blog!

I currently trying different hosting sites as of the moment. I’ve been in Blogger since 2008 and in Tumblr since probably since Tumblr became beknownst to mankind. This is my first time (ever) in WordPress and i’m hoping to make a permanent home for my blog in here.

There are so many things to be posting about and I haven’t really decided what my blog should really be about so I decided to simply play it by ear. I’ll post about books and movies and food and travel and it’ll be great (at least for me. I’m not sure for the readers though.)

Besides, it’s about time we start addressing human multiplicity. Why should a blog be just about one thing when it can be about a million?

By the way, the title is Everyday Curiosity (I keep misspelling curiosity as curiousity) and I’m sticking to that for now to show what interests me and what I’m curious about. Why not? Sounds like a good blog title to me.


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