We went to Laguna to visit the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery and to take a dip in Pandin Lake. These are just two of the many wonderful places you can visit in Laguna where you’ll find various hot spring resorts, hiking spots that range from easy to leech-infested, lakes, and theme parks among other things.

This little chapel in Nagcarlan, Laguna not only houses a cemetery underneath but is also considered as a historical monument having served as a sanctuary for the revolutionaries during the Spanish era. Regular masses are no longer held in the chapel and it’s only open from 8am to 4pm. They’ve put up a table inside where you can buy Filipino delicacies and the entrance is free of charge.

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Once you get inside, you simply have to take the stairs on the right leading to the cemetery that lies beneath the chapel. It’s really only a small place with but a few tombs of the deceased members of elite Filipino families (according to my research) but it felt surreal (as it usually does) to be in a historical place such as this.
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– Take a bus heading to Nagcarlan, Laguna (either at the various bus terminals in Pasay or Cubao) then hop off at San Pablo. From the drop-off point, take a tricycle going to San Pablo Cathedral. Facing the cathedral walk to the left to find a jeepney terminal going to Liliw. Ask to dropped off at the chapel. For a driving route, click here.


*in pesos
254 – bus to San Pablo and back to Manila
20 – tricycle to San Pablo Cathedral and back to the main road
50 – jeep to the underground cemetery then back to the cathedral


What Happened Next: Pandin Lake


*All information posted are applicable as of February 2013.

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