I really didn’t think anything as amazing as this actually exists in Laguna but there it was, Pandin Lake in all its glory. We passed by the jump-off point on our way to the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery so we only had to take a ride from the cemetery to the jump-off point.
Pandin Lake is only one of seven that can be found in San Pablo, Laguna and I think of those seven, Pandin is the most visited by tourists. It has been harnessed by its local community to be a source of income by having tourists toured around the lake on rafts. It was a relaxing experience to be floating on that raft being filled up by good food made by the women of San Pablo. They seriously have the best leche flan I’ve ever had EVER.


Floating around the lake on a raft is very relaxing and the food was delicious (although I failed to take photos). It did rain on us a bit but we were still granted a bit of a clearing and my friends got to swim around still wearing life vests. Apparently the lake is pretty deep but so long as you don’t do anything stupid, you’ll be just fine.


– Take a bus heading to Nagcarlan, Laguna (either at the various bus terminals in Pasay or Cubao) then hop off at San Pablo. From the drop-off point, take a tricycle going to San Pablo Cathedral. Facing the cathedral walk to the left to find a jeepney terminal going to Liliw. Ask to dropped off at the parking lot for Pandin Lake tourists
*in pesos
254 – bus to San Pablo and back to Manila
20 – tricycle to San Pablo Cathedral and back to the main road
50 – jeep to the drop off point going to Pandin Lake
360 – Pandin Lake tour with lunch
budget per person = 800 – 1000
*All information posted are applicable as of February 2013.

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