Nikon Export3

I invited my sister to accompany me to take a photowalk through the streets of Binondo, the Chinatown of Manila, a few days after the celebration of the Chinese New Year. We had gone not only to witness the cultural romp in the Chinese community but also to appease cravings for authentic Chinese cuisine.

The streets of Chinatown, especially Ongpin, were crowded with both cars and visitors who had arrived with the same purpose as ours. One of the more popular restaurants, Wai Ying, was packed with customers inside and had a long waiting line outside. For us, though, the waiting was definitely worth it after we had stuffed ourselves with congee, roasted duck, siomai, dumplings, radish cakes, and milk tea.

I had the pleasure of having been there on a busy day with all the busy people. There were lion dancers and dragon dancers left and right. There were merchants of fruits, toys, lucky charms, and other sorts of street fare. People carrying large bags filled with hopia and tikoy stopped to watch street performers. At the end of the day, our legs were tired but the trip was satisfactory.

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