I had one very good reason to go back to Burot Beach – the sunset.
The first time I had gone there, the place already had three or four other groups of campers. Despite the long drive and the rough road, people still have something to look forward to when it comes to Burot Beach. There’s the fine sand. There’s the calm waters. There’s the starfish. There’s the sandbar. And most importantly (at least for me), there’s the sunset.
DSC_0797 DSC_0827
Burot Beach is a good three to four hours away from Manila as it is located in Calatagan, Batangas. It’s already being developed into a resort so if you wish to visit, you’re gonna have to do it pretty soon while the trip is still affordable. There’s a small store by the beach that’s sells food, sodas, junk food, and alcoholic drinks but if you want to save, then it’s safer to buy all of those things at the market. If you wanna drive all the way, you’ll find driving instructions here. Otherwise, it’s the bus for you.
DSC_0764 DSC_0816
The sand is fine under your feet and there’s little to no dead corals on main part of the beach. There are seasons when the water is filled with sea urchins so then you’re gonna have to be extra careful with your swim. If you go to the far-right end of the beach, you’ll find what I think used to be a breakwater, the ruins of which has created an interesting place to be setting up a tripod and taking a photo of the sunset. It also gives you a good view of the whole beach front. If you go to the left, there are parts of the beach where none of the other campers swim in which is perfect if you want a little more privacy. The entrance fee is P120 per person and a table costs P200. There are also boats that will take you to the sandbar for a bit of snorkeling and their rates are pretty uniform.
Nikon Export4
For me, though, the best part really is the sunset.
– Take a bus from Edsa corner Taft going to Calatagan. Fare is 193. Travel lasts for six hours. Get off at the terminal.
– From there, tricycles will offer to take you to the beach. A ride will cost you 200.
– Go back the same way you came.
*As of March 2013, there are no buses that will take you straight to Calatagan. Instead, you’d have to take a bus to Nasugbu then get off at Lian, Batangas where you can take a jeepney to Calatagan.
*in pesos
400 – bus to and from Calatagan
200 – food and supplies
400 – tricycle to and from the beach (100 per person)
120 – entrance fee per person camping overnight
200 – table rental
budget per person = 1000 maximum
*All information posted are applicable as of March 2013. If you’re planning to visit, join The Flying Club there or on any of their various trips!

7 thoughts on “Travel Stories: Burot Beach

  1. hi,we’re planning to go to burot beach this may, andami kasing magagandang blogs about burot. Ask ko lang madaming nagtatanong kung open pa rin sya sa public? and yung 400 tricycle fare per person talaga? 🙂 thank you. and tama ka, ang best part talaga is yung sunset.:)

    1. Hello! I think it’s still open to the public. My friend just went there during the first week of April, I think. Whoah sorry, the 400 for the trike is for the whole tricyle not per person. Haha, thanks for noticing, I’ll clear that up! 🙂 If you want a comfy-er trip though, you can request The Flying Club to arrange it for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, Good morning meron ka po bang alam na contact no. or caretaker na pwede mapag tanungan kung sakali kami ay maligaw? Salamat

    i’m sure you can enjoy the beautiful white sand the clean water
    you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it Believe it
    just call or text : kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to burot beach
    php 150 good for 1 to 3 person from
    public market to burot beach
    contact no : 09266452950

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