IMG00197-20130815-1444This is my first visit to Asia’s World City and what I got wasn’t exactly what I signed up for.

My last out-of-the-country trip was good but tumultuous I was really going for something comfy and easy and, well, hassle-free. I love to travel, really. My friends and I go to camping trips all the time and usually to places where you have to walk a good five minutes just to get fresh water. But sometimes, I just wanna spend my earnings, see the tourist sights, blend in with the other travelers, not stand out as the girl with a pink cup attached to her ginormous 40-litre assault pack (it only looks ginormous when I’m beside it).

So there I was this morning at the Hong Kong International Airport, feeling very positive, thinking that everything was going to go well. And as usual, I didn’t get everything right.

My camera wasn’t working. With just anybody, that would probably get a plain ‘Oh darn!’ and the story would end there. But if you’ve seen my other blog posts you’d realise that I LOVE taking photos. I haven’t taken many photos before this trip and I was really excited to finally get some Nikon action. And I admit, I was stupid for not checking my gear before leaving for HK but this… THIS was just horrifying. i thought perhaps I could have it fixed but walking around I really couldn’t find a repair shop. I also thought I could just buy a cheap cam but I really didn’t have the budget for it.

To add salt to the wound, we didn’t stay where we had planned. I don’t blame my companions for wanting to save money but when I saw what we chose to replace the hostel with, I really almost cried. It was a small and cramped and it was very Pinoy. That last thought made me snap out of the self-pity. The thought of seeing a sorry-looking place and thinking that it’s very Pinoy, that was the saddest part of it. So whatever part of me that could have simply gone to the hostel because I can afford just vanished. I stayed because not matter how un-pinoy I might be most days, I’m still a filipina. This was an experience I had to have and a lesson I had to learn.

So there I was, feeling slightly miserable for the way things were starting to look. But I willed myself to believe that my Hong Kong experience will soon surprise me. And it did.

What Happened Next: Hong Kong: Roaming the Streets + Day 2


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