hkd1Hong Kong is a really gorgeous city to get lost in. It’s a jungle of pedestrians and commuters, shoppers and visitors. The stores were a mix of restaurants and boutiques with their neon signs suspended almost across the street.

What’s really enjoyable about Hong Kong is getting the watch the people walking by. There were a lot of fashionable men and women and a lot of the stores are open ’til late.
Day 2 was spent in Hong Kong Disneyland which conveniently has its own train station. It was raining sporadically but we still managed to have fun. Most of the rides really are for kids so there wasn’t anything too scary.
The place really brings out the kid in anyone. We waited long lines for the 3D shows and musical presentations. It was like a whole-day endurance test. Still, the visit made me feel like a kid again.
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