ocean park_victoria
Our third day was well spent in the vast grounds of Ocean Park in Hong Kong. It looked just as big as Disneyland from the entry point but it was thrice as big (I think).If you have the time and the energy, you should really make a point to see all the parts, shows, and rides that they have. And if you’re not too scared of heights, the cable car is a great way to grasp the immensity of the place.

There are casual rides and then there are those rides that threaten your mortality. We didn’t get to go around that much though as the latter part of the day was spent going to Victoria Peak. We didn’t spend the time AT Victoria Peak as we were there for only 30 mins. Time, however, was spent GOING there as the queue for the tram was incredibly long and the wait ridiculously tiresome.

If I ever visit again, I’d rather take the bus and hike. The effort would be very much worth getting a fantastic view of Hong Kong.
We went to Macau on our last day and it was very fascinating to experience that weird combination of European cobblestone streets, modern Hong Kong, and classic Chinese market fare. I’m a traveler used to obscure locations, though, so I wasn’t too happy with the huge number of tourists. But it was our last day and beggars can’t be choosers.
Overall, our trip was tiring but enjoyable. I’d love to return to Hong Kong and perhaps next time, see less of high-end modern Hong Kong and see more of old-school Chinese Hong Kong.

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