Marinduque is famous as the heart-shaped island of the Philippines. In fact it is the center of our gorgeous archipelago and a t

ourist destination during the Holy Week. It has been made even more famous by the Santorini-like villas of Bellarocca but for backpackers like myself, nothing compares to the rustic getaways that Marinduque can offer.
It would take perhaps a week for anyone to get to visit all of the wonderful things in Marinduque but since we were there overnight, we only got to visit Gaspar Island, one of the Tres Reyes (spanish for ‘three kings’) so I bet you already know the names of the other two islands.
Marinduque really is a long way from Manila. We had to take a bus to Batangas port, hop on a Roro boat to Marinduque,  get a jeepney to the port, and finally, take a small boat to Gaspar Island. Part of the island is inhabited by locals who have to travel to the mainland for water. The Elephant Island (where you’ll find Bellarocca) is visible from Gaspar.
The crystal-clear waters around the islands were declared as marine reserves so fishing is not allowed. The waves are pretty feisty but even on the boat you can see all the way to the bottom. That’s how clear the water was!
We weren’t able to discover all the other parts of Marinduque but we’d love to come back and see some more.
– Take a bus to the Port of Lucena in Dalahican (230 pesos). Travel lasts for 3 to 4 hours depending on your departure time. Liners such as JAC and Lucena Lines offer daily trips to Dalahican but if you can’t make it to their scheduled departures, you can also take a bus to Lucena Grand Terminal and then take a jeepney to Dalahican.
– Once you’re at the port, take a ferry heading to the island. Travel lasts for 3 hours and the ticket and the terminal fee cost 260 pesos and 30 pesos respectively.
– Take a jeepney to Gasan (1 hour, 80 pesos) and if get off at the market if you need to do some shopping for supplies.
– Take a tricycle to the small port (20 pesos) and from that port, you can hire boats to take you to Gaspar Island.
*in pesos
230 – bus to Dalahican
260 – ferry
30 – terminal fee
80 – jeep to Gasan
20 – trike to fish port
1800 – boat rental to take you to Gaspar and back
100 – jeep from Gasan to Balanacan
250 – ferry to Lucena
220 – bus to Manila
500 – food for two days
budget per person = 2200 maximum
*budget would be cheaper if you leave as a larger group
*All information posted are applicable as of April 2013.

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    1. Hi! Apologies but I lost the number of out boatman. Honestly though I wouldn’t recommend him so it would be best if you can just scout for a different boatman. Have fun on your trip!

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