I remember being a kid and coming to places like these. Those were pleasant summer Sundays and my parents would look tired from watching us running around in the house so they’d bring us to resorts to watch us run around some more.
poolside room with veranda good for 4 people
Los Arcos de Hermano is one of those resorts near Manila that is old-school enough to remind me of weekends during my childhood spent in old summer villas in Laguna and Batangas. There’s the adult pool and the kiddie pool, the cottages and the cabanas, the playgrounds with the swing sets. If you want a chill weekend or a fun family day, Los Arcos de Hermano is worth the visit.
If you go on a day trip, you can rent any of their cabanas ranging from 800 php (hut good for 10 people) to 1500 php (cabana good for 20). The day rate for adults is 150 each and for kids is 100 php (3 to 10 years old). There’s a discount for seniors and kids aged 2 and below can get in for free. Rates are very affordable but you have to remember to bring lots of food and water for your own private party since the resort doesn’t have an in-house kitchen.
resto inside the resort grounds
If you’re more into nighttime swimming, the rates are a little higher and the pool only remains open until 12 midnight but you can always grab a room with a poolside view and veranda to keep the night going with a few drinks with your friends. Los Arcos de Hermano has a lot of choices when it comes to accommodations for rooms for 2 to 8 people with prices ranging from 2000 php to 7000 php per night.
(L): Francisco Hall, fits 200 guests; (R): the chapel by the Paradise Garden
I think what really helps the business is the various function halls they have right around the entrance of the resort. The biggest one and by far the most adequately spaced room they have is the Francisco Hall which I would definitely recommend for a wedding or a debutante’s party. You can get the fully air-conditioned hall that fits up to 200 people for 30,000 php. Don’t worry though, that their biggest area and they have smaller and more affordable ones as well.
inside the Ng Lio Hall which can fit up to 100 people (18,000 php)
My most favorite part of our Los Arcos de Hermano tour was the Private Pool/Garden. It was kinda small for any event I have in mind so it’s more for intimate gatherings (like around 50 people, close friends and family kind of an affair) but I can imagine sitting down in a long table in the garden sipping champagne in the afternoon sun when the lighting is perfect for gorgeous portraits. And what about a just-after-sunset wedding affair with twinkle lights and candles and bottles of pinot noir. Oh romance, you dog, you!
(L): Hulk happens to be a regular at the resort, puny human! (R): petting zoo, playground, and all-around kiddie paradise
Los Arcos de Hermano gets bonus points because they have contacts for catering, tables, chairs, photography, and videography. Not bad at all. The property is considerably spacious and the owners have done a lot with it including a petting zoo, event halls, a camping space (which they say is for company retreats) and even a fishing pond.
(L): the fishing pond; (R): a few friends from the petting zone
I’m sorry to stress you out with this super long post but I know enough people who have asked me for staycation spots and wedding venues and now I finally have lots of details to share! If you wanna know those details, the file embedded below has all of them. And if you don’t care for details, then just take my word for it. I had a chillax weekend at Los Arcos de Hermano.
the Remedios Hall can house up to 40 people (8,000 php)
Paradise Farm, Brgy Tungkong Mangga
City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Mia, the baby bunny in the petting zoo
Phone Number
Front Desk
(+63) 932 844 4492
(+63 2) 565 6742
Events inquiry
(+63) 917 892 6687
(+63) 917 857 7446
a quiet and simple room for 2 (1,800 php)
Swimming Hours
Daytime Swimming: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Night Swimming: 6:00pm – 12:00mn
*All information posted are applicable as of October 2014.

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