It’s not everyday you get to try the newest dishes all crammed in one place and in one event. My friend Aldous (creator of invited me as a photographer and I got so close to saying no (because of my schedule) but I’m glad I didn’t. It was worth going to and is worth writing about.

The Next Big Food Entrepreneur was a gathering of culinary creatives so that they can show the foodie community their newest creations. It was a definite food adventure with offerings that varied from savory dishes to sweet confections. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):
Up in the clouds makes a lot of beautiful ice cream variants but they really had me at ‘butterbeer’. They were super proud of their butterbeer ice cream and they even mentioned how the guys from Potted Potter liked it. And the truth is, it was damn delicious. Could someone get me a pint of that please?
Dirty Fingers has a pretty basic concept: chicken fingers, sauce, and salsa. It makes for an awesome bar food, though, especially the Tomato Liver Basil sauce, and the guy makes really good mango salsa. It would go really well with beer or wine.
The Yolo Humba by Bigorot’s is just about the most sinful savory dish you can imagine. This dish is definitely not for vegetarians and it’s literally not for the faint-of-heart: fatty pork humba that melts in your mouth. I seriously still have dreams about this dish.
What’s a guy gotta do? He’s gotta have a flan. A guy’s flan offers a lot of unique variations of flan including the sexy flan (cherry-flavoured), coffee and orange zest flan, and the blueberry cheesecake flan. That coffee flan really woke me up and had a really smooth texture.
There was so much other stuff going on like french toast, cookies, vegan cupcakes, chocolate-filled cupcakes, lechon, burgers by Hunger Buster, philly cheesesteak, and some other pastries.
I cannot stress enough what a great idea The Next Big Food Entrepreneur event is. It was a great opportunity for chefs and home-cooks and aspiring restaurateurs to give their dishes really good exposure and to get the word going on what they can do and what they can create. We should thank Mercato Centrale for holding such an event!

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