Being the nerd that I am, I enjoy casual visits to Saturday markets and weekend bazaars and I was very much looking forward to Muni Market Day v2.0. And since it’s a Muni event, you can be sure it’s all about healthful, mindful, sustainable living.
There were all sorts of merchants who brought their best and most delightful products that boast creativity, local sourcing, and pure awesomeness.
There were organic bath products for both pets and their humans, leather goods from Gouache, gorgeous footwear by Tala Luna, plants and terrariums by The Green House Project, postcards and artwork by Hocus, and a variety of organic foodstuff like kale chips, chocolates, tea, and ooh ooh vegan ice cream.
I didn’t have enough on me to buy EVERYTHING that I wanted (otherwise those brown Tala Luna boots would have gone straight into my goodie bag) that’s why I’m SOOOO hoping for a version 3.0!

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