5 Things to do in Cebu

 5 things do in Cebu
A recent visit to Cebu has got me reeling in travel feels of incomprehensible amounts. I love Cebu! Seriously! After having gotten back to Manila, I was already planning a return trip in my head. I saw my cousin recently and when she asked me where to go in the Philippines, naturally I told her to visit Cebu. However, considering the amount of things you can do, how do you choose if you’re only visiting for a short period? To help you decide, here are my top 5 picks of things to do on the island of Cebu.
1. Hiking
The only hike I ever did in Cebu was to Osmena peak. I was such in a grumpy mood that morning since we were traveling the whole day before and I was working the night before I traveled. You can imagine how tired I was! The earth was damp and climbing up in tiny slippers didn’t improve my mood either. But just a few minutes of hiking brought me to one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen. You could probably see the whole island of Cebu if you spend enough time on the peak and I could definitely see the sea.
2. Canyoneering
Everybody is doing this in Cebu now so I don’t know why I even have to mention it. But just in case you’ve only started to nurture your inner adventurer, canyon jumping/canyoneering/canyoning (or whatever you call it) is a great addition to your itinerary. It’s a fun and alternative way of skirting through trails and waterfalls and seeing Kawasan falls at the very end is an added bonus.
3. Chasing waterfalls
Speaking of Kawasan, considering the size of Cebu, it’s gifted with so many waterfalls that it’s hard to decide which one to see. There’s Dao, Tumalog, Kawasan, and Inambakan to name a few. Swimming in the pool will refresh you for sure and seeing their majesty will just take your breath away.
4. Explore underwater
Cebu attracts all sorts of tourists especially divers and for good reason. The island surrounding coral reefs and marine life is a prime example of rich biodiversity. Pescador Island looks like a plain rock in the middle of the sea but underneath it boasts a spectacular array of fish and coral species. A few minutes from the island, there’s a sardine sanctuary and a little off the coast, sea turtles swim and rest.
5. Beach bumming
The best way to round off your Cebu visit is to chill by the beach with a small campfire, maybe playing a guitar with your friends singing summer anthems just after dining on seafood which Cebu is rather known for (apart from lechon of course!). If there’s an abundant supply of seafood, there’s even more so of beaches. There are beaches in Moalboal, Sumilon Island, Tan-awan in Oslob, Malapascua, Bantayan, and Camotes to name a few. You read that right. A few.
Of course there are plenty of other things to do in Cebu, especially in Cebu City and Mactan but these are just my favourites. How about you? What’s your favourite thing to do in Cebu?

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