Gringo, SM Megamall

I feel like everybody has tried this place except for me. The thing is that I don’t really go far these days to try new food. I’ve gotten stuck in my little routines and I’m entirely responsible for myself so I have to run so many errands.

I got to try Gringo because they opened a new branch in Megamall and since I was with a Latino, I figured why not (and I prayed and hoped that they actually had Latin food and that they didn’t just name the place that way).


Now, before you get too liberal with saying the word gringo, be aware that some might give it a slightly negative connotation although it generally simply refers to a foreigner.

I imagine trying to run a latin-themed restaurant on the other side of the planet would be rather difficult considering that a lot of ingredients are not available here so it made absolute sense that, looking at the menu, they made a few alterations here and there, making the most out of local produce. I’m not an expert on latin food so I was really depending on my friend to verify authenticity and he really seemed to enjoy himself.

Gringo quarter original chicken with 2 sides

We both got the quarter original chicken with two sides each (225 pesos) and for an average person, the serving is actually very filling. The chicken on its own is full of flavor but it can get a bit dry in some parts. They always serve two sauces: a hot one (I mean hoootttt) and a slightly tangy one. The sides range from plain rice to roasted eggplants and would cost you around 50 to 75 pesos. But since the chicken is served with two sides (plus nachos), you need not worry about that.

Apart from the chicken, I enjoyed the combination of the sweet buttery corny and the tangy/spicy eggplant. My friend noshed on the mashed camote and he said it felt like home.

Gringo quarter original chicken with 2 sides

They have so many other dishes that I would love to try but just the chicken is enough for me to recommend everyone to visit Gringo. Apart from the altogether foreign (but oddly local) flavor, the price point is reasonable. The place is nice for latinos looking for a taste of home or for locals craving for new flavors.



3rd floor, Mega Atrium

SM Megamall, Ortigas

Mandaluyong City


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