I am seriously addicted to Instagram. it’s my number one motivator to get up in the morning.
JK guys. Chill. Although you’ve got to admit, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that makes us scroll through photos of throwbacks and celebrities and beaches all day long. Maybe it reminds us of our #goals or makes us feel #blessed. Whatever floats your boat, it’s on Instagram.
5 Foodporn Instagram Accounts (1)
I will almost always like a photo of food on Instagram. There’s something about food photos that make me feel so inspired. Apart from blogging about food, I also love to cook and bake and it makes me really happy to see others enjoy their food or their cooking as well. Now my feed is like 33.33% food
There are particular accounts on Instagram that I find have really great shots or themes and I especially enjoy these accounts so, in the hopes that you find these accounts enjoyable and inspiring as well, here are my 5 most favorite food-related Pinoy instagram accounts (in no particular order).
1. Bettina Bacani (@bettinabacani) – I met Bettina (although she probably doesn’t remember it) when we were invited by Aldous (of Adlous Ate the World) for a quiz night at Borough at The Podium. I didn’t get to talk to her that much but by the end of the night everyone had already swapped social media accounts. She combines her love for food and passion for photography to create a visual experience for her IG followers. The variety of cuisines in her feed knows no bounds and the composition is always on point. Of the five mentioned, she’s my favorite skill-wise. I mean, the girl can do a killer flatlay. She runs a personal blog called Life in Technicolor where you’ll find the stories behind her photos.

2. Jessa Acosta (@jessaacosta) – She’s an IT consultant, a blogger, and a mom. In between all that, she manages to snap photos of good Metro Manila eats. She loves all sorts of food – from Pablo cheese tarts to Jollibee – and makes sure everyone knows how much she loves her baby boy. Check out her blog as well, Patches of Life, to read about Food, Travel, and Reviews about almost everything.


3. @cornerandabove – I have absolutely no idea who handles this account – no gender, no name, nothing. But every time a photo is posted on this account, I have to stop myself from automatically liking it. Of all the accounts I mention here, this one is the most consistent on the theme. And I love how the handler manages to twist and turn the theme  while staying faithful to it. The visual geometry is mesmerizing and the food looks absolutely satiating.


4. Jerro Santos (@gourmanila) – When he’s not social media hustlin’, Jerro is busy finding and eating whatever new thing is popping up in the metro. If you’re not impressed by his catchy blog post titles, you will be by his straightforward yet eloquent writing. His Gourmanila IG account is the quintessential depiction of the Metro Manila food scene with images that don’t try to murder your eyes with too much contrast or saturation.


5. @hangrybellyph – HangryBelly proves that you don’t need a fancy camera to make good food stand out. I love the variety of items that’s included in the feed. It could be churros today, sushi tomorrow, and beef tapa the day after. It has all angles of shots, colours of background, and types of food, and yet all the images seem bound together. It’s a visual food roulette for the foodie at heart.

I truly feel energized sharing these with you because I find it so inspiring to impart what I geniunely enjoy. When I wake up in the morning, I look at these to pump myself up for the day. When I’m having a bad time, I do a quick IG scan and I suddenly look forward to my weekend of resto-hopping.
If you guys know of any other inspiring food-related IG accounts (PH-based or not), please don’t forget to share them using the comments below!

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