Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

It's unbelievable how long it took for me to visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar considering how much I've wanted to for so long. The photos I've seen were lovely and the place is just full of history. I would have to say that Jerry Acuzar, the owner of Las Casas, has done something quite … Continue reading Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


5 Things to do in Cebu

ย  A recent visit to Cebu has got me reeling in travel feels of incomprehensible amounts. I love Cebu! Seriously! After having gotten back to Manila, I was already planning a return trip in my head. I sawย my cousin recently and when she asked me where to go in the Philippines, naturally I told her … Continue reading 5 Things to do in Cebu

Baguio: Resto Round-up 2013

Baguio is and always will be my food haven. Naturally I'll be going back this year (for the Penagbenga Festival, no less) but just to kick-start my Baguio appetite, I've rounded up some of the best eats around the Session Road area smack in the midst of the City of Pines. Pizza Volante Where to … Continue reading Baguio: Resto Round-up 2013

Padre Burgos

It's been a year since my last visit to Padre Burgos and I'd have to say that much has changed since then. In the advent of travel bloggers and communities, short trips to Quezon become accessible and affordable so that locals and city slickers alike now overwhelm what used to be inconspicuous and hidden beaches. … Continue reading Padre Burgos


Marinduque is famous as the heart-shaped island of the Philippines. In fact it is the center of our gorgeous archipelago and a t ourist destination during the Holy Week. It has been made even more famous by the Santorini-like villas of Bellarocca but for backpackers like myself, nothing compares to the rustic getaways that Marinduque … Continue reading Marinduque

Hong Kong: Roaming the Streets + Day 2

Hong Kong is a really gorgeous city to get lost in. It's a jungle of pedestrians and commuters, shoppers and visitors. The stores were a mix of restaurants and boutiques with their neon signs suspended almost across the street. What's really enjoyable about Hong Kong is getting the watch the people walking by. There were … Continue reading Hong Kong: Roaming the Streets + Day 2