Travel Stories: Bangkok

I did a lot of to and fro while planning my trip to Bangkok. I had five days to burn and a lot of options in my hands. I could stay in Bangkok, see Ayutthaya, travel to Chiang Mai, or do all of those. The problem was I was already at the airport but I … Continue reading Travel Stories: Bangkok


Hong Kong: Ocean Park + Macau

Our third day was well spent in the vast grounds of Ocean Park in Hong Kong. It looked just as big as Disneyland from the entry point but it was thrice as big (I think).If you have the time and the energy, you should really make a point to see all the parts, shows, and … Continue reading Hong Kong: Ocean Park + Macau

Hong Kong: Roaming the Streets + Day 2

Hong Kong is a really gorgeous city to get lost in. It's a jungle of pedestrians and commuters, shoppers and visitors. The stores were a mix of restaurants and boutiques with their neon signs suspended almost across the street. What's really enjoyable about Hong Kong is getting the watch the people walking by. There were … Continue reading Hong Kong: Roaming the Streets + Day 2