Review: Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub

An addition to the line of clubs that keep popping up in the metro, Universe turns out to be not just for hardcore partying but also for culinary delights like you wouldn't believe. When we think of the club scene, we don't usually imagine their food to be as good as their DJs but there … Continue reading Review: Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub


Review: Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen is not Chelsea. Oh no no no it is not. They've made a point to create a whole new line up of dishes for Chelsea Kitchen for us foodies to enjoy. Looking at the menu, Chelsea Kitchen is all about healthy living. It's a great choice for a restaurant if you're in between … Continue reading Review: Chelsea Kitchen

Review: The Butcher Shop and Pub

Restaurants just keep popping up in and around Bonifacio Global City and I've been hearing about The Butcher Shop and Pub for some time now. We dropped by for an early dinner right before going to the Fully Booked The Best of Filipino Films 2013 film fest. It might not have been the best idea … Continue reading Review: The Butcher Shop and Pub

Events: Mercato Centrale’s The Next Big Food Entrepreneur

It's not everyday you get to try the newest dishes all crammed in one place and in one event. My friend Aldous (creator of invited me as a photographer and I got so close to saying no (because of my schedule) but I'm glad I didn't. It was worth going to and is worth … Continue reading Events: Mercato Centrale’s The Next Big Food Entrepreneur

Review: Jeepney Bistro

  Jeepney Bistro is already a bit of an institution... just not yet here in the Philippines. Their first branch which is in Arizona is the go-to restaurant of Filipinos who find themselves craving for Filipino food. The owners decided to bring it over to the homeland and add a few more surprises in the … Continue reading Review: Jeepney Bistro

Colourful Tuna Wrap

I bought a pack of whole wheat tortillas and made a declaration in the state called 'my apartment' that I would make fish tacos. Unfortunately I forgot the lime, the cilantro, and the avocado so I had to work with what I could find in my fridge. I present unto thee my Colourful Tuna Wrap. … Continue reading Colourful Tuna Wrap

Choco Banana Almond Smoothie

FYI: I didn't seek out this recipe. I was simply inspired by leftover ice cream (as if ice cream is actually ever 'left over') in the fridge. There were bananas in the pantry and I bought almonds to make brownies. I put those three ingredients together then bam! instant smoothie success. Making a smoothie is always a … Continue reading Choco Banana Almond Smoothie

Review: Project Pie, Pizza DIY

I literally have been living just around 200 meters from Project Pie that's along Shaw Boulevard. I've seen it everyday since I moved to Mandaluyong but I only went in on my fifth month. I'm a pretty lousy neighbour. Nevertheless, my flatmate and I decided to go to the restaurant together one (sort of) slow … Continue reading Review: Project Pie, Pizza DIY