Review: Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub

An addition to the line of clubs that keep popping up in the metro, Universe turns out to be not just for hardcore partying but also for culinary delights like you wouldn't believe. When we think of the club scene, we don't usually imagine their food to be as good as their DJs but there … Continue reading Review: Universe Gastrolounge & Nightclub


Review: Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen is not Chelsea. Oh no no no it is not. They've made a point to create a whole new line up of dishes for Chelsea Kitchen for us foodies to enjoy. Looking at the menu, Chelsea Kitchen is all about healthy living. It's a great choice for a restaurant if you're in between … Continue reading Review: Chelsea Kitchen

Events: Mercato Centrale’s The Next Big Food Entrepreneur

It's not everyday you get to try the newest dishes all crammed in one place and in one event. My friend Aldous (creator of invited me as a photographer and I got so close to saying no (because of my schedule) but I'm glad I didn't. It was worth going to and is worth … Continue reading Events: Mercato Centrale’s The Next Big Food Entrepreneur