Review: Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen is not Chelsea. Oh no no no it is not. They've made a point to create a whole new line up of dishes for Chelsea Kitchen for us foodies to enjoy. Looking at the menu, Chelsea Kitchen is all about healthy living. It's a great choice for a restaurant if you're in between … Continue reading Review: Chelsea Kitchen


Review: Sentro 1771

I hardly ever go to restaurants for Filipino cuisine. I always tell my foreign friends that when it comes to local food, home-cooked is the best but on days when you're too lazy to whip something up in the kitchen, Sentro 1771 can pretty much come close. The interiors are pretty fresh and I loved … Continue reading Review: Sentro 1771

Review: Project Pie, Pizza DIY

I literally have been living just around 200 meters from Project Pie that's along Shaw Boulevard. I've seen it everyday since I moved to Mandaluyong but I only went in on my fifth month. I'm a pretty lousy neighbour. Nevertheless, my flatmate and I decided to go to the restaurant together one (sort of) slow … Continue reading Review: Project Pie, Pizza DIY