Travel Guide: Getting Around Bangkok

Getting around Bangkok City can get pretty crazy and always taking a cab isn't so budget-friendly especially if you have the unfortunate chance of meeting a terrible cabby. It can happen to anyone and at any city. So I compiled the most popular landmarks in Bangkok and how to commute to each spot. WAT PHO … Continue reading Travel Guide: Getting Around Bangkok


Travel Tips: Bangkok

1. Where to exchange currencies Once you get to the airport in Bangkok, exchange just enough money for you to get to your hostel (or hotel) or to get you through the day. There isn't much of a difference when it comes to exchange rates between banks e.g. the rate for Siam Commercial Bank is … Continue reading Travel Tips: Bangkok

Travel Stories: Bangkok

I did a lot of to and fro while planning my trip to Bangkok. I had five days to burn and a lot of options in my hands. I could stay in Bangkok, see Ayutthaya, travel to Chiang Mai, or do all of those. The problem was I was already at the airport but I … Continue reading Travel Stories: Bangkok