People like me who work nights and long hours tend to crave for simple delights that help us cope day by day. Some of us travel. Some give in to alcohol-induced happiness. I, myself, survive on caffeine dependency. But no matter your poison of choice, every hard worker in this world appreciates good chow. 
The ceremonial slicing of the Walk of Shame and the Cuban missile
Burgers and Brewskies in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons is a gastropub that has a special place in my heart (and in my belly) because of two reasons: its proximity to my work place and the abundance of comfort food recipes served on black bar plates and wooden chopping boards. When I work my ass off, I pay myself with mounds of burgers and Buffalo wings. 
Sweet Potato Fries and Don’t Have a Cow
Let’s talk highlights, shall we?
Dirty Arnold and Fish Poppers
Dirty Arnold and Fish Poppers
We got to try some interesting cocktails like the Summer Hoedown which is an interesting mix of watermelon and beer and the Chocnut Martini but BnB’s owners are definitely proud of their alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer which they lovingly call Dirty Arnold which combines the tanginess of lemonade and pineapple juice but with the kick of sweet tea vodka. Dirty indeed.
Buffalo balls with cheese dip and Chocnut Martini
Buffalo balls with cheese dip and Chocnut Martini
Burgers and Brewskies gave us a glorious amount of starters and side dishes (which are actually bar chow in disguise). There was the ridiculously light and crispy bacon chicharon, the delicious sausage platter, the sweet potato fries, and the fish poppers. There are also all sorts of dishes that concentrate on the buffalo: the shredded grilled buffalo chicken cheese dip with a mountain of nachos and buffalo balls with cheese dip.
Summer Hoedown and Avocado fries with mayo and spiced shredded cheese
Summer Hoedown and Avocado fries with mayo and spiced shredded cheese
But for me, the real showstoppers are the cheesy and oh-so-goody Cuban missile which is corn on the cob slathered with mayo and spiced shredded cheese and the irresistible avocado fries with cheese and garlic sour cream which are so good I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. Unfortunately the avocado fries are not part of their regular menu but if you’re still left with the creamy Cuban Missile, then your meal won’t be too shabby.
Bacon chicharon and Angry Korean wings
Bacon chicharon and Angry Korean wings
I’m a regular at Burgers and Brewskies because they boast of a wide variety of wing recipes from the simple Salt & Pepper wings, to the exotic Angry Korean wings, to the classic and my personal all-time favourite Buffalo wings. 
Burger variety
Burger variety (clockwise) Walk of Shame, Call the Nurse, P. Sherman, Hector Salamanca
And finally. a visit to Burgers and Brewskies is never complete without taking a stab at one of their ten signature burgers. Expect a visit to the emergency room as this bar has Call the Nurse: beef patty, honey sriracha bacon, and (I kid you not) mac and cheese. Flipped is my usual order as it is hearty but not over-indulgent. The Walk of Shame, on the other hand, is a sight to behold with its potato crisps, bacon, and a sunny-side egg nestled in a whole wheat bun. 
If you’re not a burger or meat fanatic though, you can have the P. Sherman which is a fish cake burger with peppers and basil and Don’t Have a Cow, a vegetarian burger made with mushrooms and red lentil and bulgur wheat patty. 
There are two branches: one in Estancia Mall and another in Bellagio 2, Burgos Circle. So if you need a heavy dinner, a late-night binge, or an early-morning hangover buster, just visit Burgers and Brewskies.
Burgers and Brewskies
Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City

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